Remodel Revolution | Hey how about this?….. 100 degrees for the next week … thats hotter than a RED jalepeno

Hey how about this?….. 100 degrees for the next week … thats hotter than a RED jalepeno

Hey how about this?….. 100 degrees for the next week … thats hotter than a RED jalepeno

If you’re new to the Texas heat then you’ll learn quickly, there aint nothing like it anywhere. Hot is hot until you get Texas hot….that’s when things cook in places they’re not supposed too…like your dashboard, your sidewalk, your window sill, and on top of your head. Throw in some humidity and you’ve got some prime time inside living time. If you see green grass outside the city limits it was a freak rain storm, those big black patches on the side of the road well rumor has they’re from toads catching fire and jumping back in the grass.

Right now is the time to get familiar with the word DROUGHT….that’s when we all get equal, things get real for the grass and it’s time to quit worrying about the electric bill cause it’s gonna be big.

There was a time in my life we didn’t have air-conditioning except an occasional window unit in momma’s room. All the kids slept in on the floor and stacked in the bed,the hum of the old window unit was like a lullaby.

The old house had an attic fan that drew air into the attic, we cracked the old wood windows a couple of inches next to the bed and the fan pulled the cool night air over us. Except for an occasional mosquito it was a great way to sleep, the hum of the fan in the ceiling and the sounds and breeze of the night.

During the day we stayed near water or shade, played outside until dark, and were so tired that we never had trouble sleeping.

So if you think you couldn’t survive without air-conditioning you would be wrong, I did.



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