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Apps for Your Remodel

Apps for Your Remodel

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The growing number of home improvement and remodeling apps is representative of the strong DIY culture we are experiencing. Although larger renovations still require help from professionals, a number of mobile apps have emerged that puts more power into the hands of homeowners. These apps range from measuring, painting and decorating, and are capable of helping all types of home remodels. By tapping into our creative impulses, these apps allows you to be in full control of your next home design project. We have put together the top 10 apps for home remodeling, including inexpensive DIY solutions and crowdsourced options that can help get projects done and on budget.

1st of all remember nothing is as valuable as common sense, it’s free and a great educational tool. So don’t forget to use it too.

1.  MagicPlan

MagicPlan works by snapping pictures on your camera, which is then used to create a floorplan on your mobile phone. This app allows you to collect, organize, and share the data that you have gathered from your room. It offers a 95% precision rate and allows you add items to the floor plan, such as doors, windows, and electrical outlets.

2. Handy

Even the most experienced DIY expert may come across a task they are unable to handle. Luckily, Handy can be used for any home improvement or repair job. Taking inspiration from ridesharing app Uber, Handy is available in over 20 cities and allows users to book professionals in a matter of seconds. Everything from electricians, home cleaners and all-around handymen can be called upon for help.

3. Adornably

Once you have a completed floor plan, you can then start to decorate your rooms. This can be done with Adornably, an app that allows you to pick out furniture and see how it will look in the room. Scroll through countless design ideas and get a realistic picture of how your final product may look. Get a better feel of decorating ideas before having to actually make a purchase.

4. RoomScan

RoomScan Makes measuring a room and creating a floorplan a breeze. You no longer need to keep a collection of tape measures on hand. Just hold your phone on each wall, and RoomScan will create a detailed and scaled floor plan. Adding doors to the floor plan is simple and easy. RoomScan saves homeowners time and effort, by simply scanning your desired room, and a virtual floorplan will be generated for you.

5. iHandy Carpenter

This app utilizes the built-in functionalities of iPhones and iPads, converting sensors into a set of tools. Use the surface level and bubble level to check flat surfaces and use the plumb bob to assess vertical walls. The app also has a steel protractor and on-screen rulers helps you to measure in inches and centimeters.

7. TapPainter

TapPainter addresses one of the biggest home improvement issues people face – selecting the right paint color. With the app, just snap pictures of a room, and then tap on the wall you wish to repaint, and a digital image of the wall will be created. This app takes several things into consideration, such as light distribution, shadows and wall edges. With all this information, selecting the right wall color is made easy.

8. HomeZada

With this app, you are able to plan out your home improvement projects from start to finish. You can set up a budget and timelines for your project, and also keep track of all the tasks you have to get done. It also has a place where you can build a wish list of items that you want to purchase, once you have finished your project. This app is also capable of creating an inventory all of your home’s features.

9. ColorSnap

ColorSnap is an app that was created by Sherwin-Williams. This app allows you to be able to see how paint colors will look on your walls before committing to one. ColorSnap will also make suggestions of complementary color combinations, providing you a color palette that has been chosen by professionals.

10. Snapguide

This app relies on the power of crowdsourcing, which helps you complete all those little house upgrades that you have been meaning to do. There is a collection of how-to projects that are stored in the app. Once you select a project, complete instructions and pictures to help guide you through whatever home redesign you wish to complete.

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